District Camping

The 2021 District Church Camp will be held from August 1-7 at Camp Hammond Mill.

District Church Camp will not be possible this year if staff positions cannot be filled and campers show no interest.

The staff positions needed are 2 head cooks, 2 male cabin counselors, 2 female cabin counselors, a nurse, and a lifeguard. If you are willing to help in any of these positions at camp, please notify Camp Manager Renee Staab – email: reneestaab216@gmail.com or phone: 660-422-8092 – BEFORE JUNE 20TH.

Also, campers must contact Renee before JUNE 20TH and let her know that they are interested in coming to camp. If there is not enough interest shown by campers and not enough staff to fill these vacancies by June 20th, then District Church will be cancelled this year.

The District Discipleship Task Force has set the following guidelines to be applied at camp:
• Campers and staff will be asked to do a self-health check one week before camp
monitoring temperature, coronavirus symptoms, and taste or smell awareness. If any of
the symptoms occur within that week, you are asked not to attend camp.
• Each morning at camp before anyone is allowed to leave their cabin, the cabin counselor
will do a health check for symptoms of coronavirus.
• Disposable masks be purchased & available for children & adults who need a clean mask.
• Wearing face mask or face covering will be encouraged when activities are indoors except
when eating or drinking, bathing, or in your own cabin.
• Hand sanitizing stations will be set up for use throughout the camp and staff will remind
campers to use these throughout the day.
• No camper will be allowed to leave the camp and return to camp with the exception of
the float trip. The camp manager will go to town for needed items each day.
• All restrooms, sinks, and showers will be cleaned and sanitized 2 times a day.
• Every morning, air conditioners will be shut off and windows opened on all cabins until
noon. Staff and campers should be aware that they may be required to endure some
discomfort as air conditioner use may be limited.
• Activities and worship services will be held outdoors as much as possible.
• A system will be designed to have the campers distanced at meals, such as eating in
cohort group or eating at rotational times or some groups eating outdoors.
• If a child test positive for the coronavirus, the camp will close and parents/guardians will
be contacted to come and get the campers. Campers will be quarantined until picked up.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.